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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Urban Dirt, Mpls edition: To Lebanon & Back

The east-side River Bottoms are open all the way from Mendota to Silver Bell, except for about 20 yards of wading right in the middle (the usual washout section).

Pleased to report that the new shoes drain very nicely, thanks VeloRogers!

Leb was tacky and fast, and doggone crowded of a Saturday morning. The sober first wave were just looping it out, slow in tennies and on Magnas. I expect the dirtbags and singlespeeds to roll in once they've had their bloody marys. 29ers to follow, with their silly looking bikes.

Caught Zito at Minnehaha Cafe, sunning himself and generally rehabilitating.

I know from experience that heavy medication has a way of, well, sort of binding a fellow up. So says I: Nothing softens yer stool better than fours hours in the saddle with Lebanon in the middle. —Dirt D'Urban


fast freddy said...

yup, I rolled in around 3pm with my trusty Dos in the holster.

I dig what MORC is all about, but what do they have against going fast or hitting jumps? That place is looking more like a trials course every year.

Maybe they could make a full trials section off the trail in there for the slow kids.

Jerry Case said...

yeah, i sorta agree... that "expert" loop with the friggin log bridges, one after the other. don't mind them if its just a lazy way of dealing with natural tree fall, but to build them form scratch and lay them all over that beautiful singletrack? seems a sin against god and man alike.

Anonymous said...

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