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Monday, April 30, 2007

Yeah, but what do I do with these goofy quarters?

Up North in Canada, where conservatives are actually conservative, the left and right are agreeing on one thing: No sales tax on new bikes. Ontario and BC already exempt bikes, and it looks like Manitoba will soon follow.

What I like best about this announcement:

"We're taking our commitment to environmentally friendly transportation one step further by getting rid of the PST on all bicycles, whether it's for a serious cyclist or a child learning on a bike with training wheels," said party leader Hugh McFadyen yesterday at a campaign stop in Winnipeg.

While I wouldn't mind seeing a massive, nearly prohibitive tax on silly triathlon bikes and Magnas, those bikes already extract a hefty karmic toll from those who buy and sell them.

Unfortunately, you just can't make one of those Quintana Roo tri-bikes cool through legislation. Not even in Canada.