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Friday, April 24, 2015

Does this cargo bike make me look like a lumbersexual poseur?

I get why people are increasingly interested in cargo bikes. They're incredibly useful for hauling around all the ordinary things you don't think twice about throwing into your car -- a backpack of books, your laptop, lunch, a box of pizza, a small child. Cargo bikes make your favorite two-wheeled conveyance into an accomodating daily lifestyle choice that puts less stress on your shoulders -- because daily cyclists on regular bikes tend to rely on bigger and bigger shoulder bags and backpacks to accomodate all the shiz they need to move around along with themselves. But here's the deal: I'm not sure a $3000 bakfiet or even a $1000 longtail are all that necessary. (And empty, they can be considerably less easy or fun to ride on that serendipitous single track you noticed on your way to the bar.) I'm all about adaptability (wear layers!), and in my mind a nice bar-mounted basket -- big enough for a six pack of brew or a box of wine, no bigger -- and a universal bike trailer (let's say a beat-up old Burley with the seats taken out) are the ticket.  Either of these items can turn any bike you already own into a "cargo bike."  So stick that in your hookah and smoke it, New York hipsters!

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