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Friday, April 24, 2015

We're going to need a butt-load of carbon toner, boss!

Like most normal non-geek people, I'm sorta late to the party on the whole 3D printer thing. My brain says, "sounds cool!" and then sort of fizzles out, not exploding the way it should when it fully realizes the earth-shattering awesomeness of being able to, you know, print three-dimensional objects.  
bike parts 3

So it takes something simple and elegant to illustrate the concept to a savant like myself. And here, I have finally found it: These dudes printed a bicycle!  Well, OK it's a scale model, and for some weird reason they put an aero wheel on the back (maybe to keep little scale-sized baby toes out of the spokes?)  Anyway, this thing looks delightful and delicious, and it probably won't be long before someone 3D prints a full-sized, full-suspension 29er.
quinten and BoSteck Bicycle

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