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Friday, June 1, 2007

Your happy weekend reminder—On your left!

Yo! We know you're out riding your couchbike, and washing the singlespeed, and spraying Lemon Pledge on the Italian fixie, and tearing up the singletrack, and guzzling Fat Tire Ale, and eating tacos... but if you're stopping by just to catch up on your Pinch Flat News, be sure to support our loyal advertisers, clearly distinguished by the soothing blue box that appears in various places to the left and down below. When you support our advertisers, you help us help you. It's like patting yourself on the back! So easy, so nice! Thank you, we love you, Amen.

Also, notice the Bamber Alert. If you be so unlucky as to have your bike nicked, drop us a line and a photo and we'll post it. So far, we're one for one! (Though we can;t take credit for that, really.)