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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Master and slave... of fashion

If you're like us, you were suckered by Cycles Gladiator wines the first time you saw it at the local package store. That's a nice label, innit? It's an actual logo from the heyday of French and Italian machines circa 1895.

But we never knew if the California winery was into bikes-- or just into reviving a sexy old French cycling logo.

Turns out, the winery is into the bikes. Last month, they sponsored an interesting (if somewhat wrongheaded) fashion show called Cycle Chic wherein participants were asked to create commuter friendly fashion. This is an area of great personal concern, since every pair of pants we own has a seat-shaped fade in the ass, along with grease-blackened cuffs.

If they could make pants with a kevlar ass and teflon cuffs, we'd be pretty happy with that.