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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Extreme body mods for the insane cyclist

U.S. snowboarder Jayson Hale crashed out of the Torino Olympics, and he's suffered from a long string of knee injuries. (We thought skiers suffered the knees; our experience with snowboarding is that the ass and head are especially vulnerable.)

This summer, as a part of his cross-training regimen, he's joining the cast of a MySpace-originated documentary film that'll be riding their bikes from coast to coast.

Snore. That's not especially interesting, but we did notice this:

"It was crazy," said Hale. "We had talked about possibly doing the bike trip, then he just called me, said he was going and asked if I wanted in. My doctor was stoked on the idea and said I didn't need an ACL to ride a bike. He said it was a good way to stay in shape over the summer."

No ACL needed for cycling across the country? Awesome. Did you hear all those lightbulbs going off? It was the weight-weenies realizing an ingenious way to shave another two ounces off their bikes.