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Monday, May 21, 2007

The one place where bike theft is cool

This morning on NPR's "Future Tense," Jon Gordon reviewed "World Without Oil," a cool collaborative online game aimed at creative alternatives to oil and the motorcarbon. Of course, any game like that must inevitably touch on the killer transportation app of the past 125 years: the bicycle.

Within the game, someone has created a podcast that "documents" a fascinating potential development in a world where gas costs $6 per gallon: escalating bike theft.

"We're in the back of a van right now with two guys that have one goal tonight. To steal as many bikes as they possibly can. Bike theft in the Bay Area is at an all time high. The reason? Demand for bikes is so high. Up until a few weeks ago, these guys had normal jobs and lived normal lives. They were upstanding citizens with no past criminal history. What changed? The oil shortage."

Of course, any smart thief would move operations to the Midwest, where people tend to forget about their bikes in the winter time, and set them out at the curb in the springtime. (That is changing though; art imitates life, yo!)


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