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Monday, May 21, 2007

What color is your commute? Bike beats car and bus in alleycat race!

During Bike to Work Week for the last ten years, a race has been staged in Philadelphia between bike, bus, and car. And for the second year in a row, the bike won. Last Friday, Fuji bicycle product manager Mark Smith won the race by about eight minutes.

The race tested the theory that a bicyclist who commutes four miles or less in Philadelphia will generally arrive before, or within a few minutes of, other commuters during rush hour. To give the car every chance to win the race, the driver was in a convertible sports car with 165 horsepower (a Mazda Miata provided by Philly Car Share).

We love how making the competition fair implies that the car driver may need to break the law... since this is one of the great joys of outlaw bike commuting.

And to further handicap the competition, the cyclist must be colorblind--unable to distinguish green lights from red lights, a common malady among urban cyclists.

Kidding. We're kidding.