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Friday, April 27, 2007

Roadside coinage

Some Wednesday-night ride reports over at the 117. When I stopped into CRC yesterday, I inquired as to whether the proprietor had, the previous night, sallied forth on his own self-propelled conveyance, and he confirmed this and more. "Last night, and this morning."

Yafro reports from Santa Cruz--coincidentally, the erstwhile birthplace of aforementioned Bontrager bikes, pre-Trek buyout (all this drooly Bonnie talk sent me to the boilerroom to fondle my old maroon Privateer, patiently awaiting a rebuild).

Anyway, the point I wanted to make was that the Santa Cruz crowd, including the estimable Drunkingham, have dubbed those little plastic bottles filled with urine you find along the side of the road... these are apparently known as "trucker piss bombs."

The last few miles of road to the meeting spot was about a half hour climb, but I arrived to a match of "flick the trucker piss bomb the furthest" thanks to the ring leader, the mayor of drunkingham himself, so all was good.

Urban dictionary just calls them "trucker bombs," but also indicates that they can sometimes (somehow) contain feces as well. So Drunkingham appears to have added a much needed refinement to the nomenclature.

'Nuff said.