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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Put a lid on it! Consumer Reports rates bike helmets, and awards only one fail

What's the value of your life?
Schwinn says at least $12,
and that sounds about right.
Still, get your wallet out dude.

So, there are lots of reasons not to wear a helmet while you ride your bike. They are all lame.

Since 1995,  90% of all bike riders who died on the wheel were not wearing a helmet. Consumer Reports says you can get a  perfectly good helmet for just 12 clams.

As long as I'm on my little soap box here, let me just say this:  There are certainly times when you want to just throw a leg over your townie and cruise to the bar without crushing that superfade hockey-flow. But almost ever bad crash I've ever had -- sober or durnk -- was helmetless, and in one case resulted in a serious concussion that probably ended my marriage, lost me a job, and made life miserable for about a year. Concussions! Not great, Bob!

Also this: Don't buy a CannondaleTeramo. It was the only helmet to fail Consumer Reports test. And inexplicably they don't care.

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