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Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Life Paint" is reflective, washable paint that can be sprayed all over your best cycling buddy

Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo is doing a good turn for car drivers and cyclists alike: They've invented a reflective and washable spray-on paint that can be used to make any article of clothing -- or, indeed, any part of your bike -- highly reflective

Is Volvo implicitly saying that car-bike accidents are the fault of cyclists? Some of your angrier cycling advocates seem to think so, but let's face it -- placing the blame after an accident is less efficacious than preventing it in the first place, and only a  prig would argue the point.

I can think of a couple good applications for Life Spray: 1) Your batteries die on a long night-time commute. You don't have extra batteries, but you do have a can of LifePaint in your mess bag.  2) Your Halloween Alley Cat is becoming too competitive. You create a wonderful, Millennial sense of teogetherness by liberally spraying every rider at the first checkpoint. 3) You spray your big burlap bag of money. When it gets stolen, you drive around with your high beams on until you spot the culprit (the spray is invisible until the sun goes down and light is shined at it.) 4) Double up as a breath-freshing spray, and get a discount when you need to have X-rays taken of your dental work.

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