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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here's the busiest rental bike in Washington D.C.

The James Brown of Capital Bikeshare bikes logged 483 hours during 1,569 rides last year. (Sadie Dingfelder, for Ezpress)One interesting aspect of the proliferating bike share programs in major US cities is that they can track cyclist behavior. Organizers have a good idea where, when, and how far each of their bikes are ridden. The Washington Post reports today on the busiest bike in D.C., Capital Bikeshare's #W20167.  Weirdly, the reporter insists on referring to this bike as "the James Brown of Capital Bikeshare bikes." (Get it? "Hardest working man in show business"?)  Still, #W20167 has put up some impressive numbers: 483 hours of ride time over the course of 1,567 rides.  If you're doing the math at home, that's an hour and a half every day of the year, and 4.3 trips per day.  CB says the hardest working bike in Washington is mostly circulating between the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials and Union Station, though it seems to have made an epic 12-hour trip at some point. Considering it's DC,  that was probably Doug Stamper on a Baltimore run for hookers and blow on behalf of President Underwood. 

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