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Friday, August 31, 2007

More Biking Under the Influence Blues

It would seem from anecdotal evidence that various communities approach the issue of DUI's and bikes differently. This morning, we see this California gentleman has been arrested and charged with full-on DUI:

Riding on Gwin Mine Rd. south of the Amador County line, Creekmore failed to negotiate a turn due to his extreme state of intoxication. His bike left the roadway and vaulted down a thirty foot drainage.

Creekmore was life flighted to Doctor's Hospital in Modesto with minor injuries. He was then promptly arrested by the CHP.

This raises a couple of interesting questions. First, could a bike rider refuse to take a breathalyzer-- and if he or she did, would she forfeit her (car) drivers' license?

Second, given that drunk cyclists are a threat only to themselves, why the hell won't the authorities look at drunk cycling as a positive alternative to drunk driving? I mean let's just suspend for a moment the silly talk about bikes being vehicles with all the same priveleges and responsibilities of cars. Their smaller, safer, faster, and all around better vehicles than cars. They are morally superior to cars, in the same way slingshots are superior to guns. They're quieter, more fun, and you'd have to work damn hard to kill anyone with one.

Third, wasn't a 30 foot fall through California yucca and prickly pair punishment enough?

We'll stick with our longstanding theory: Drunk cyclists don't get tickets. Lippy drunk cyclists get tickets.

And thank goodness our local ordinances seem to be lenient, or else these dudes would surely be out of business...


Anonymous said...

stalking isn't cool.

Pinchie said...

absolutely not cool.

Anonymous said...

I have some stockings that are a cotton/poly blend, and they're quite cool. Especially with open toed sandals.

Anonymous said...

Wool is cool. Unless its too hot. Then it stops being cool. Well, it's always cool, but you're not necessarily cool when you wear it. You might still look cool though. But not be cool.

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