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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bikes versus buses

Among the advocacy crowd, buses and bikes are considered complimentary. Indeed, the more they play together nicely, the better off we all are; there's the whole "last mile" argument among commuters trying to make the break from the single-occupant automobile. That comes down to putting more bike racks on buses so people can string together their transportation methods to get to where they're going, not just in the general vicinity.

But among hardcore urban cyclists, buses and bikes are more like Goliath versus David. Buses are big and slow, they send up volumes of noxious eyesting and lungburn, and they're constantly crossing into bike space. And that's when they're being nice.

Today is the second day in the Marin County trial of a bus driver accused of trying to run down a bike rider-- and things aren't looking too good for this fellow.

That sound you hear is a deeper and hotter hole being constructed in hell, down below the bike thieves.


Ryan said...


Isn't Golden Gate Transit the Bay Area version of the Minnesota Valley express buses? Those laidlaw guys aren't any good either.

Watch out for those bike racks on our buses, by the way. The hook will scratch your paint like crazy it comes in contact with your fork.

Anonymous said...

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