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Thursday, June 21, 2007

To catch a bike thief

Those Dutch are really serious about bikes! Police in Nijemgen created a "bait bike" to lure thieves into their clutches. Using the secretly hidden GPS transmitter, they landed three of the bastards in just two weeks. Alas, the fourth one got away, and took the bike with him.

Having been used to catch three bike thieves during its test period, the bike was lost on June 7, the police said on Thursday, and is probably in the Waal river.

When the bike showed it was moving, the control room monitoring it notified the police, but it disappeared off the radar while on the river bank. Police dredged the section of the Waal without retrieving the bike.

See, if you're going to go fishing, you gotta bring more than one hook! And once you catch a bike thief, be sure you string 'em through the gills.