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Monday, June 18, 2007

Start your Monday morning right--with more nudity from Pinch Flat News

So, remember how we've been joking about World Naked Cycling Day? Especially as regards recumbent bikes? (We first considered calling this phenom a "couch dance," but decided for the more tasteful "reclining nude.") Der Spiegel has put together a nice photo gallery of last week's event, spanning the globe-- from the buttocks of Canucks to the breasts of the French. But what caught our eye was this jaunty fellow in Mexico City, doing the old couch dance, er, reclining nude thing. At least he doesn't have that whole gut-sucking thing going on like the rest of us do; everyone looks good on their back, right?

We kid because we care. Nudity, bikes, and world peace: We can't think of three things we like better.