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Monday, June 18, 2007

It's a slippery slope

The Whiteface Mountain Uphill bike race is in the books, and this year saw a blossoming sub-category of racers-- a group of five unicyclists vied for the honor of being the first dork to the top of the 3,500 foot climb.

“My main goal is to beat my time from last year, but I still want to win,” Relles said. “I’m not messing around. I know the other unicyclists are coming.” Relles is a relative newcomer to unicycling, a sport he became involved with after he suffered an ACL tear during an ultimate frisbee game in 2003.

Next year, race organizers are suggesting that there will be race-class designations for mimes, jugglers, and civil war re-enactors as well.

[OK, before we get boatloads of hate-mail in support of unicycles, two things: the world is much too complex for 1:1 gear ratios, don't give us the flapdoodle about crank length and rim size. Second, we can TOO ride a unicycle, we just gave it up about the same time we put away the tweed derby and the corncob pipe.Anyway, we're hoping to get word from Mr. Steve "Steveyo" Relles himself on the finer points of unicycling the massive peaks of the East, so stay tuned.—Eds]