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Thursday, June 7, 2007

A kid's bike for grownups!

We were feeling a little sarcastic today, so we've decided to dial it back a little and offer you some genuinely cool eye- and brain-candy. This here dingus is called the Jano Dual Bike, and it's a concept bike made out of molded plywood and steel. While its Austrian design team is a little light on their market analysis (they seem to think this is the first "hybrid" bike ever proposed. Mein Gott im himmel, what the world needs is a bike that can be ridden for exercise AND for transportation) there is some really interesting reading in the research around this.

What's nifty is the molded plywood frame that has natural shock-absorbing characteristics, and it looks kinda cool. But we suspect you could really create some torque by standing on the pedals. That, or start a small fire.

D'oh, the sarcasm came back!