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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bridging up

Never mind your alleycat races, with your disgruntled messengers grumping about having their culture co-opted by hipsters on fixies. If you want in on the ground floor of a sub-sub-subculture that no one else will ever join, consider the commuter folding bike race scene! They even have a LeMans start, and rather than beer handups, you get your morning newspaper.

Earlier: Pinch Flat Poll: Which would you prefer--riding a folding bike, or wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants?


Anonymous said...

Oh quit ripping on folding bikes so much. I know they lack the style of a normal bike but it sure beats driving to work and I don't get yelled at because it takes up no space. The folding bike is perfect for what it is, good for riding less then 2 miles and takes up no space.

Pinchie said...

Heh heh. The one good thing you can say about folding bikes is that their owners are universally jolly, good-humored people, with hardly a care in the world.

We should ALL be so comfortable in our skins!

Slingshot said...

Hah! When the bike messenger world championships were held here in Houston, an Aussie took home the gold. He was riding a folder. Looked like the right tool for the job. My favorite days working in the bike shop? When the 18 wheeler tweakers and boat captains came in looking for the one kind of bike they could drag along with them. And now that I'm finally breaking down and buying my own car (I've made it 15 years), I'm in the market for something to throw in the trunk so I'm never stranded. Pesky infernal combustion engines...

Mike C said...

Dude. Some folders suck. Many, however, rock. I commuted for the better part of 5 years through NYC on a Brompton... and when they won't let you take (full-size) bikes into your office building, or on the train at rush hour (but your job is across the Hudson), there was nothing better.

My stable (~10 bikes) is currently about evenly split between big-wheelers and small-wheelers, and I love 'em all - wouldn't want to give up either.

I suspect you kid because you love... but if you've never actually ridden of the better folders out there, then don't knock 'em 'til you've tried 'em, daddy-o!

Don't suppose you'll happen to be in Philadelphia this weekend:
... it could expand a folder-hater's mind... :-)

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