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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why don't kids ride bikes anymore?

A recent study over in Britain shows that cycling is up 40 percent among adults. That's an awesome testament to the government's widespread program to promote the bike as a positive alternative to cars and other motorcarbon mass-transit. Be we prefer to call it a victory for the forces of fun!

But there's a downside to the story that's kinda sad:

"Data reveals a decline in the number of kids who cycle regularly. Today, approaching 1.5 million 11-19-year-olds cycle at least twice a week. This is almost a 25 per cent decrease from ten years ago, when almost two million kids would cycle at least twice a week."

In other words, our overproptective and paranoid cultures are robbing children of one of life's great joys--freedom of movement and travel. Bikes!

That, or the little fuckers just won't put down the Gameboy or the Wii. Guess the gummint should start requiring one of these in every home...