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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to make a $5000 lint trap

That company that makes bike frames out of bamboo is now promoting the equally dubious idea of aftermarket couplings for your carbon frame. The problem with sawing through carbon, as just about anyone who's tried it with the wrong sort of tools can tell you, is that it occasionally turns stiff, sound tubes into mushy, useless tubes--something like a carbon-fiber lint sock for your clothes washer.

Anyway, this story brings to mind a widespread rumor that we need some confirmation on: Word is that even if your bike fits into a standard suitcase, the airlines are peeking into all bags, and they'll still charge you the bike transport.

True? If so, it's a massive affront and a moral outrage. We're checking into it...
(By the way: LOVE that Ritchey folding bike, have you grokked it?)