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Friday, May 11, 2007

When cycling was big in New York

Over at, Richard Sachs has brought together two things I love most: Bikes and the New Yorker magazine.

Sachs has "curated" every issue that includes bike art on the cover, and there have been a lot of good ones.

According to the press release:

These unique covers, in the inimitable "New Yorker" style, have been painstakingly tracked down and brought together in one collection by Richard Sachs.

Considering that the entire 75-year history of the New Yorker run is now available on browsable— and, more importantly, screen-cappable—CD-ROM, I'm not sure just how "painstaking" the process was, but whatever. We're all about easy solutions to interesting problems, and the only thing easier than looking at every cover of every New Yorker ever published, is looking at Sach's gallery.

One interesting note: Has anyone ever pointed out to the New Yorker's legendary factchecking department what's obviously wrong with this Bruce McCall cover from 2005's Saison de le Tour de France? (Discuss in the comments.) Hell, we'll throw in ANOTHER t-shirt, if you know what I'm talking about. The resolution is too low to see it here, I'll post a bigger file when I get home to my CD-ROM set.



It is a bit hard to see at this resolution, but I believe the Drivetrain is on the lefthand side of the bike. It's hany to flip a reference photo for rendering purposes. A little too handy...

Amy Walker
Momentum Magazine

Pinchie said...

Awesome! You got it, Amy.

I remember looking very closely at the image though, and figuring out that it had not been flipped... I think there were words paint on frames or something like that.

But even if it HAD been flipped, the NYorker is so famously anal about fctchecking that it surely would not have passed muster. At least not Harold Ross's muster!

Anonymous said...

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