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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kids These Days

In all the excitement of the past two weeks, we never took the time to admit our ignorance: Did you realize there is a national collegiate championship in cycling? It appears to be administered by USA Cycling (rather than, say, the NCAA), and it took place in Kansas last weekend. As long as we're confessing our ignorance: This is also, coincidentally, the first time we ever heard of Fort Lewis College, apparently one of the powerhouses of collegiate road racing. Interestingly, the national championship combines the men's and women's team results. We're all about combining men's and women's results!

Team results:
Final Division I Overall Standings
1. Stanford 519
2. UC-Davis 430
3. Fort Lewis College 409
4. Midwestern State University 385
5. Colorado State University 347

Final Division II Overall Standings
1. Western Washington University 478
2. Dartmouth College 448
3. Whitman College 405
4. Mesa State 399
5. MIT 340