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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As The World Dopes Episode #2343: The eerie calm before the storm

No matter what happens in the Landis case, the cracks are spreading fast in the dyke dike [heh heh, Freudian slip. See the comments for an awesome dirty joke.-Eds] of professional secrecy around cheating. Today it's being quietly reported that Team Telekom was deeply involved in a systematic doping program in the 90s.

The former Telekom cyclist Bert Dietz has told German television that the team carried out a systematic doping regime for its riders between 1994 and 1998. The 38-year-old says the team's doctors from the University of Freiburg -- who were recently suspended --were fully involved in the process and sometimes administered injections. Dietz, a member of one of the top teams of the 1990s along with Tour de France winners Bjarne Riis and Jan Ullrich, says when the doctors weren't on site to administer the injections, the team masseur Jef d'Hont handled it.

Didja catch that? "Along with Tour de France winners Bjarne Riis and Jan Ullrich"? Anyone who saw Riis' remarkable win in 1996, or Ullrich's unremarkable one in 1997, will suddenly have plenty of food for thought.

In other words, Landis may be the exception that proves the rule, as the whole darn thing collapses under the weight of chicanery.


Anonymous said...

"the cracks are spreading fast in the dyke of professional secrecy"

heh. cause her spandex is too tight?

3p0 said...


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