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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't steal bikes from people who buy their ink by the barrel

Or something like that.

If you do manage to get your bike nicked, it helps if you work at a newspaper, the theft is caught on surveillance cameras, and pictures of the dastardly deed get published the next day in the local fishwrap. That's what happened to York Press journalist-cyclist Maxine Gordon. She must be a helluva writer; one of the thiefs apparently read the story, felt remorse, and returned the bike. He felt so bad, he actually turned himself in.

But after reading the report in the newspaper, one of the pair, a man in his 20s, returned the bike to York police. He will be quizzed by officers.

Is that what the police over in York do nowadays with thiefs? Quiz them? Wonder what they've done with all those, er, gaol cells.

Not clear whether this turn of events resulted in a cyclasm for Ms. Gordon, but we'd certainly understand if it did.