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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bikes and Art in Minneapolis

There are two bike-related art shows opening this Friday night within blocks of each other here in Minneapolis.

There is The Art of the Bicycle, Paintings by Gregg Rochester at Gallery 12 and then a two minute bike ride away is Fine Fendered Friends at Wheel Good Bicycles, where 17 local artists have used new stock vintage bicycle fenders as their canvas. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should let you know I am one of the artists and the organizer of the show).

Also the ARTCRANK Bike Poster show has been extended at One On One Bikes until May 13th so if you haven’t checked that out already you could make it a theme night!

Minnesota Monthly was the second piece of print press I read that referred to the upcoming Art-A-Whirl as “Art-A-Wheel” (can’t remember where I read it first), not only will all three above mentioned shows be open for Art-A-Whirl (the ARTCRANK show will be in the Northup King Building then) but also A map of 40 venues with bike lockup facilities and free water will be available on the tour or at
Image : fenders by Jennifer Davis,
Amy Rice, Ingrid Restemayer, and Keegan Wenkman


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