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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

As The World Dopes Episode #2344: The cleat drops

That huge sucking sound? That's the sound of pro cycling collapsing into amateur cycling.

As we mentioned yesterday, even if Floyd is innocent as the falling rain, he may be the exception that proves the rule. That's on account of allegations and admissions that suggest at least two previous Tour winners were on dope. The immediate result of this-- aside from making the dudes at look like silly Frankophobes tilting at windmills-- is the imminent withdrawal of a great deal of money from pro cycling.

Germany's leading cycling teams face an uncertain future as T-Mobile and Gerolsteiner are reportedly looking into their sponsorships after two former riders admitted to doping.

Say it ain't so! Will we never again hear the word "Totschnig" pronounced by Phil Liggett? Ah, our world just became a little dimmer...