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Friday, April 20, 2007

Page 3 Girls: Orange Sweetie

This is our first entry in the Bike Porn Call for Entries. (See below.)

This here is a sweet burnt orange Gunnar, with a Vicious Cycles fork located just outside the OOO shop. Those forks are the shit, according to some, and they're very popular in Upstate New York, where they're made. New Paltz, a crazy little town across the bridge from Poughkeepsie, is at the foot of the Shawangunk mountains, which are just spitting distance from the Catskills. Given the riding in this part of the world, it's ironic that a rigid fork from there has become so popular. Lots of insane singletrack in that part of the country. Loose rock, most of it shale fins and granite baby heads. You see lots of full suspension single speeds out there these days. But there are also a handful of half-decent trials riders, and I guess they need suspension forks about as much as they need seats or coaster brakes.

"Gunnar" is a Norwegian name that means "One who operates a gun" or something very similar to that. I have a cousin named Gunnar. It's not that common in this country or in any other country actually.