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Friday, April 20, 2007

Man Oh Manna!

I am considering whether to ride to CRC for coffee, to One on One for coffee, or to Afton for coffee. A lot hinges on one thing: donuts. If you have not made it to the new Caribou Coffee in Afton, do that first. Then, do not be distracted by the little baubles or the large flat-screen television, or the leather couches, or the hollow-sounding prefab floors. LOOK FOR THE DONUTS. (Just right of the cash register.) They are some of the best goddamn homemade cake donuts ever, and they taste especially good after 30 miles of a 10 mph headwind. When I saw some dudes from the Grumpy's team in their little grey and orange kits and their moustaches, I ignored them fully, due to these unbelievable little donuts from heaven.