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Friday, May 29, 2015

Minneapolis Pedal Pubs: Haters take it to the street, the street fights back

Our old pal Sarah Barker wrote up the "Great Minneapolis PedalPub War" earlier this week,wherein a group of ruffians on the wheel attacked several PedalPub cars with water balloons and supersoakers, and were then promptly assaulted and apprehended by police officers. We don't have a lot ot add to the conversation other than to say this: We have been accused of being divisive and annoying tribalists when it comes to pitting "good" cyclists against "bad" cyclists. Y'know, griping about fixters and poesengers and angry freds and pathletes. But these PedalPub haters seem like an especially difficult group of youngsters. And while we applaud their intention to find good clean fun, they did two things wrong: They picked a pedal pub full of off-duty cops, and they used water instead of glitter. Everyone knows glitter is both more annoying and less legally actionable.

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