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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Glock 9MM = Fuji Feather? Miami's Guns For Bikes trade-in program

Guns and bikes: Why must they be mutually exclusive?

Down in Miami, one bike shop owner has partnered with police to launch a Guns for Bikes program, wherein -- you guessed it -- guns can be traded in for bikes. It's not clear how many South Beach thugs are carrying heat because they lack adequate transportation or exercise, but whatevs.  If fixed gear bikes have risen to that level of cool, then so be it.

If you will indulge us for a moment, though, we would like to point out that "More Bikes, Less Guns" is just as gramatically incorrect as "More Beers, Less Gears."  (Hint: It's the same reason why  the "Less than 10 items" express check-out at your local grocer is an abomination.)

With that anal grammarian moment behind us, I'd like to aver that for a small but vocal contingent of cyclists, guns and bikes are not in any way incompatible.

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