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Friday, May 15, 2015

Die trend die: "Truck nuts" for bikes

The Bike Balls tail light should definitely get you noticed
We do endorse these for ironic
female riders, otherwise not so much 

Some trends are so stupid you hope they'll die before you get around to saying anything.  Not the case, unfortch, with "truck nuts" -- those scrotal tschotskes that Billy Bob and Jimmy Earl like to hang from the trailer hitch of their Ford F-150s to signal, you know, just how much testosterone is circulating up there in the cab. Now the nuts have made the short leap from trailer hitch to bicycle seat post, no thanks to a couple of Toronto "entrpreneurs."

I will point out that I've been saying for about 5 years that seat bags often look disturbingly scrotal, and I have sworn to make fun of all friends and family who insist on the utility of the seat bag. Look guys, I'm a man's man, but there is no amount of gilding or LED lighting that is ever going to  make a scrotum look appealing in any way, whether dangling from a Ford, a Ciocc, or a Billy Bob.

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