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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prague's bike sharing program is up and running, hurray!

Photo: archive of RekolaWe're pleased to note that Prague has added a non-profit bike sharing program. In fact the Czech Republic will see bike sharing expanding to a number of cities in coming months, thanks to the good folks at Rekola. In this interview with Radio Prague, we found an excellent quote: 

 “The great thing about foreign cities in Europe is that each of them has a bike-sharing scheme, so you just enter the city, borrow a bike and cruise around.”
So true! No better, easier, cheaper way to see a city than on a bicycle. And while it may seem ironic that many cities, especially in the former "eastern bloc" are not yet particularly bike-friendly -- ironic, because many of these ancient cities predate internal combustion engines by centuries,a nd are really built for pedestrian or horse traffic -- that seems to be changing fast.

Another thing we love about Rekola is that they are sourcing their bikes the old-fashioned way: By recycling disused bikes from the cellars and garages of Czech citizens themselves. Also: Pink!

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