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Monday, April 27, 2015

Grand Theft Bicycle?

Police in Long Beach, California, have arrested two men on charges of Grand Theft Bicycle. Yes, you heard that right. Two men were caught stealing a decoy bike in a neighborhood where residents had complained about a high incidence of bike theft.  Caught red handed, the men led police to a stash of stolen bikes -- stored under Belmont Pier.

Under the pier, huh? Now, it appears we're not talking about a sophisticated fencing operation like the infamous  Bike Thief of Toronto, but a couple of scrappers just looking for extra beer money. Still, it's gratifying to see police making the extra effort on what they have traditionally viewed as "petty crime," despite the fact that some stolen bikes these days are literally worth 10K or more.

Also this: When will we see Grand Theft Bicycle for X-box 360?

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