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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School, Back to Work: You Messin' With Me?

Pinchie has pretty much retired on all the cabbage he's made from Google Ads, but I'm crashing this party and I will be providing the noise going forward. Mind you, I've gotta continue racing the pro mimes-on-fixie-tandems circuit (I'm a stoker for Team Klutz-Slurpee, if you must know), trying to steer clear of Cops on Recumbent Bicycles -- they've got my other URLs staked out -- but I'll do my best to serve heaping BLTs of marginally bike-related ephemera. This one goes out to Stevil @ his new gig All Hail the Black Market.

Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted when possible as to the whereabouts of the MIA bossman Pinchie, so you can take him out with extreme prejudice for being the lazy no-show that he is. Word is he'll be pedaling his beans off in Spearfish this weekend, he's been whining all week about "tearing the master cylinder out" of his Juicy 5s up in Grand Marais and threatening to ride it SS like the Mafia does. When hell poops out a snowball, sez me.