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Thursday, September 6, 2007

How much more money can Tony Hawk make selling bikes?

A few months back we mentioned that skateboarder Tony Hawk is developing a line of BMX bikes with Dynacraft. Dynacraft, as you know, are the makers and distributors of eleven different flavors of bullshit sold at Target and K-Mart -- you know them and love them as the purveyors of Magna, Vertical, Next, and all those other Dynacrap bikes that even the homeless hate to ride.

Anyway, today we hear that Tony will be in Vegas at Interbike along with Dynacrap, so we'll all get a nice celebrity goose while we're oogling the "huckJam" series of "high-end" carbon fiber Magnas.

John Bisges, one of Dyncrap's talking suits, tells us,

"We are very pleased to have Tony Hawk with us at Interbike as we debut these two innovative lines of bicycles. Tony and his team have been true partners in every step of the development process. Therefore, it's highly appropriate that Tony is with us in person as we present Tony Hawk HuckJam bikes to the biking community."

Right. This is all too perfect. Tony Hawk, who isn't actually a cyclist, developing a bike with Dynacrap, who don't actually build bikes, to be sold at Target, which isn't actually a bike shop.

We'll do our part by not actually riding one.


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