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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cycling Stars of the Internet #27: Bike-Cart Boy!

Zieak, that fellow who mated a bike with a shopping cart using nothing more than an allen wrench, sure has become a sensation.

Yesterday, he finally came out of the woodwork at Instructables and explained,

I really wanted the bike and the cart to be usable in their native form. I didn't know 80% of braking power came from front wheels. With this rig you wouldn't want to brake up front unless you did a lot of welding and fabrication.

That isn't me riding. If it was i would have pants and real shoes on. Probably not a helmet though.

Statistics have actually shown that people wearing helmets when riding bicycles are more likely to be in an accident...

No front brakes, no helmet? Natural seleection? Hmmm, that's a bit of a chicken and egg problem, innit.

And the whole helmet-hate argument based on that study is fundamentally flawed for a simple reason: You may have more accidents wearing a helmet (arguable), but fewer of them will result in your brain emerging from your skull (inarguable). Besides, we've already come up with the perfect solution: Wear a wig over your helmet.


AdamB said...

but what about the fact that people have a false sense of security while wearing a helmet, and that helmets may provide leverage to cause more neck injuries?

I almost always wear one myself, but I don't think the issue is certainly decided one way or the other, even with a wig.

Zieak said...

On the helmets:

1. I own a bike shop that does rentals and we require helmets go out with the bikes.

2. Every year i participate in a community bicycle safety program for kids. We give out free helmets to any child, do free bike inspections and safety repairs, and go over the rules of the road and safe riding.

3. I wear my helmet when doing risky riding - like mountain biking. But i have a separated bike path that runs the three miles from my house to town/work. I do not wear a helmet when riding that path.

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