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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Seen in the afternoon newspapers...

Single-speed bikes -- and the urban bike-messenger crowd to which they're yoked -- also have garnered a cool factor that has been compared to the zeitgeist of the surfing or skateboarding culture circa 1995. The little biker beanies, knickers, seatbelt-buckle-equipped messenger bags, and other subtle styles of the scene are, for better or worse, moving out beyond the indie world, toward a mainstream-culture acceptance as valid and neat.

Well, we would never try to speak for the "bike-messenger crowd" (they are currently giving us the silent treatment) but we feel they are yoked rather more intimately to fixies rather than singlespeeds. (Singlespeed roadbikes being the province of weenies who can't handle fixed gears. We know because we've seen the enemy, and the enemy is... uh, we.)

We hate arguing the finer points of bike-culture minutiae, but dang it, singlespeeds were pioneered not by messengers but by dirtbag mountain bikers -- and their true forebears, the BMXers and repack racers.


Dr. Logan said...

not to mention FG culture + couture is in it's death-throws already. and it was never centered around the "indie" crowd near as much as the metal/punk crowd; before it was hijacked by the emo crowd. this story is about 2 years late.

Anonymous said...

awesome, good doctor. and right on.

Fuck the FGs and the newspaper reporters who love them.

and good on you, pinchie. singlespeed is all about dirt, not pavement and chrome bags and knickers.

fixie riders are 10 to 1 pretentioius jerks who ought to be run off the road with extreme prejudice. even the working messengers, who have no business worrying so much about "couture."

fixies are at least 90 percent slower than any bike --geared or singlespeed -- that is equppied with brakes. it's called acceleration and deceleration, look 'em up in yer physics texts.

alleycats? fuck that. messengers with gears and brakes will ALWAYS win, look at the results of any sober alley cat you care to mention with serious competitors.

Pinchie said...

Whoa, anon. That's going a little thermonuclear, doncha think?

Seriously, you think gears and brakes are that much faster?

Anonymous said...

Less gears, more beers.

Anonymous said...

Me and Maxwell saw this pudgy putz on a fixie pedaling along the greenway the other day. He had the full outfit on. Courier bag, man-pris, some kinda PBR t-shirt or something like that on. Damn near blew his knees out trying to stop the thing at the intersection at Mhaha ave. Boy did he look like an idiot on that thing. Fashion can be dangerous. We looked at each other and laughed. This guy wouldn't have been caught dead on a bike 3 or 4 years ago. Reminds of a guy (fat, fat, fella) in the office here who used to talk incessantly about fixies and this "awesome" bike he was restoring and how Geno was kinda standoffish and I'm thinking... Duh!!!! You're a fucking idiot. Of course he's standoffish. You're boring the shit out of him and it's obvious to a child that you don't even ride bikes. These are some of the typical FG dipshits. FGs used to be hardcore. Remember winter riding/training. Didn't even get off the FG until maybe March. Spinning circles in January. That's FG bliss man!!!!

Anonymous said...

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