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Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Cycle City": The gloves come off, mofo!

So, we received this letter from an Angry Fred somewhere out west:

Why are you always popping off about how Minneapolis is "cycle city"? It's fucking cold and boring there and you can only ride your bike four months out of the year. Other cities have WAY more bike culture and WAY more going on. Minneapolis sucks ass for bikes, Pinchie. You're just too stoopid to pick up and move.

So wrong on so many fronts, Fred!

OK, we try to be super inclusive and supportive of bike scenes everywhere they exist, so it pains us to do this. But it's a good opportunity to sort of establish our credentials. Twin Citizens are usually much too modest to defend themselves, so we'll do it here and now.

  • Minnepolis is exceeded only by Portland, Oregon in number of bike commuters. (And yeah, it's tough here in the winter -- some of us love it that way. Tends to keep the poseurs away.)
  • Park Tools USA was founded here and still headquarters here.
  • World Cycling Productions is based in St. Paul. (Yeah, we spot Phil and Paul and Bob once in a while over on Summit Ave.)
  • Quality Bike Parts -- the world's largest wholesaler of bike parts -- is here.
  • That means Surly, Salsa, Civia, and a hundred other beloved subsidiaries are based here too.
  • Curt Goodrich -- for many years Rivendell's main framebuilder -- lives here.
  • Island Cycle Supply -- the QBP of its day -- is located, where? Bing0 -- Here!
  • HED is based here.
  • Cars - R- Coffins. In the house. 'Nuff said.
  • One on One Bikes. Already legendary. Across the alley.

  • We're just getting started, yo. Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle. Witchita. Beantown. Durango. Whachu got? Throw it down, and we'll compare resumes.

    Awesome Stupor Bowl photo (cc) by bikepunk


    Anonymous said...

    Don't forget: Black Label bike club started in Minneapolis!

    Banjo Brothers in Minneapolis

    Anonymous said...

    uh, greg lemond... lives ... there... [[duck and cover for flying tomoatoes]]

    AdamB said...

    only a total poseur would ride 4 months a year in minneapolis. what "other cities" are better? your correspondent isn't too specific, i notice.

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