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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sneak peak at fall fashions

Our friend Marky just gave us a sneak peak at a new line of fixies coming from Specialized later this summer. Seems for '08, they've decided to give the Langster--their stock track bike--the urban treatment, with nifty regional touches. There'll be fixies representin' Chicago (flat bars, black gangsta kit), Boston (also black, old ironsides), Seattle (arc bars, green; anodized coffee cup holder), London (white, Union Jack--nice "God Save the Queen" touch on the chain stays). But our fave is the New York Langster, cuz we're suckers for a yellow bike. With its yellowcab theme and checkerboard touches, this one ought to be the biggest hit among the upwardly mobile posenger crowd. We'll post some photos when we can figure out how to scan these here polaroids.


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