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Friday, June 8, 2007

Smash the state? Or play the accordian at a freeway on-ramp? (Choose one.)

Here's a charming story about Kent the bikeshop guy meeting with a roadside crazy and having a tet-a-tet about bikes and bike culture.

What caught our eye was this little interchange.

"Yes," he smiles, "we don't need much." He goes on to tell me of someone he knows, "he's got a bike shop and he's got this shirt with a coffin on it and the coffin has wheels..."

"Oh yeah," I say, "the Cars-R-Coffins shirt."

"Yeah, that's it. Now I didn't say anything, 'cause Jesus taught that we shouldn't judge and you know, in a way cars are coffins, but that shirt seems to me like it's judging and I'd rather just be showing a way other than a car, you know what I mean?"

Knowing that the proprietor of CRC is a most charming and modest fellow himself, and now actually serving up his Weltanschauung with caffeine, we're sure he finds this sort of conversation humorittating.