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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bring out the turd polish! It's a Dynacrappy day!

By now, y'all know that we're not haters, except when it comes to one particular bike company that is a blight on the land. We're talking about Dynacrap, the makers and purveyors of the world's suckiest bikes-- Magnas, Verticals, Nexts, and all manner of unspeakable junk.

If the value of a bike can be judged by the value of the lock its owner typically uses, the fact that most Magnas are tied to parking meters with swingset chain-- well, that's kind of your guide, right?

Not to go too deeply into the philosophy here, but cheap bikes are no fun to ride. They end up being abandoned bikes. Worse, they produce a whole generation of kids that think riding bikes sucks--for the simple reason that the bike they rode sucked, because their parents thought they should buy the cheapest ride they could find at a department store.

OK, enough with the soapbox. Anyway, Dynacrap today announced that they're signing on to Bikes Belong, a national bike advocacy and lobbying group. That's a nice first step toward karmic correction. Building bikes that don't suck so badly would be a good second step.

Oh, and incidentally, Dynacrap also announced today an exclusive deal with Tony Hawk to build crappy bikes under the Tony Hawk moniker. Nice!

Tony says,

"I'm looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Dynacraft. Their expertise in bike design and technology has made them a leader in their industry. Together, we'll develop unique lines of "Tony Hawk HuckJam" bikes that will excite the most discerning consumers."

We just present the information. Y'all draw your own conclusions. But let's just say this: We can certainly understand why Tony Hawk is looking forward to this. There must be hundreds of millions of reasons. Possibly billions of reasons.


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