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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hiding out, expecting word, waiting patiently, WRITE DAMMIT

Hi! We're back, with spoke-card in hand. We missed you terribly, did you miss us? Judging by the bags and bags of angry email, you're conflicted about this relationship. So you really want to know: Where were we? We were fishing for walleyes and watching the hair grow on our legs. Also, we were nauseated with worry and trying to make it go away with scotch. Why? Because we'll be covering the Nature Valley Grand Prix for good old Vee-Nooze later this week. (Watch for it, but try not to be too hard on us.) More important than any of that, please note that we have a new Bamber alert for your attention -- check out the sidebar to your left for crucial information about a recently stolen bike. You have our email. Do your duty! Onward!