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Friday, June 8, 2007

Bike, vacuum cleaner, or urban panacea?

See designers and civil engineers and other overcompensated do-nothings have this crazy idea that there's a problem they need to solve for-- they call it "the last mile" in urban transportation. This solution without a problem is based on two erroneous premises: First, that people can't actually walk that last mile. Second, and more nefarious from our point of view, that the only possible solution is to reinvent the bicycle to make them look queer as a three dollar bill.

Here's an idea, folks: How about designing cities and public transportation and social expectations to be more accomodating to normal adult-sized bikes? Like say how about more bike racks on buses, trains, and streets?


Web said...

Actually, there are many people that would like to cover the "last mile" by cycling rather than walking. Since the typical road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, comfort bike, etc. will not fold, these commuters seek out folding bikes that they can take on the bus, subway, etc. That way, they're not affected when the bike rack on the bus is already full; they just fold their bikes and carry them on.

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Pinchie said...

See, but this is my point: I personally would rather ride my normal bike the first AND the last mile, and every mile in between. But if I wanted to use public trasnportation, I'd rather see more accomodation made for regular bikes.

I'm only being a goof when I make fun of folding bikes, they're cool if that's what you're into. I don't like sucky bikes, though, and every folding bike I've been on was inferior to ANY of my standard bikes. I think I would rather walk than ride a sucky bike.

Anonymous said...

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