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Thursday, June 28, 2007

First man in the broom wagon?

Alessandro Petacchi is in danger of missing the Tour day France -- and rendering the presence of team Milram entirely pointless -- due to a pending doping charge from the Giro. "Ali-jet" (a nickname we deplore, and pledge never to repeat) uses an asthma inhaler, and apparently he's been huffing a bit too much lately. He told the AFP:

"I may have used the (Salbutamol) spray a bit more than usual, but I haven't done anything illegal."

If there is anyone in the pro peloton who DOESN'T claim to be asthmatic, and therefore carry a certificate to legally puff this stuff, drop us a line. It'll be news to us. It's the biggest crutch in cycling, hands down.

And if you think this is the last scandal to drop before the TDF kicks off... well, you don't hear the pitter-patter of little WADA feet like we do.


Rivrydr said...

I have to vent some and just say; I'm so sick of hearing about drugs, doping and cycling, it completely ruins the sport for me and any enjoyment I get from watching or reading about it.
Stupid, stupid, stupid......

Anonymous said...

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