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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When "on your left" means "up yours"

We were checking out the FredCast-- the self-proclaimed "internet's premiere cycling podcast"--the other day, and it reminded us of something we've been meaning to bring up: Is it responsible or smart to ride with the iPod on?

Just the other day we came upon a run-over commuter, bleeding profusely from helmeted head at the foot of a Ford F-150, laying on the street with his earbuds still in.

David, the guy behind the FredCast (it's "Fred" as in "poseur"), regularly talks about "Pod safe" music, and we need to listen a bit more closely to fully understand what he means. While we're doing that, maybe you can tell us how you feel about it, in the comments.

(We listen to audiobooks sometimes when we're on the bike path, but even then feel a little sheepish as we pass or are passed by other riders, fruit-booters, dogwalkers, and the like.)


Ryan said...

I think podsafe music means there's no royalties to pay so you can use it without copyright questions.

I don't ever ride with earbuds but I don't really see them causing more of a road hazard than F-150s in general.

I like the fredcast. It's old-manish, but it's a different perspective than what I normally hear from anybody

decay said...

My policy is: only talk radio podcasts or audiobooks, and only on the paths (though sometimes I cheat and listen through one ear on the street). I find that while you can't hear ambient sounds through music, this is not the case with talk.

Dr. Logan said...

I often listen to music or talk quietly on my commute. I can always hear cars approaching and I also have my mirror and a wide shoulder to ride on. Not saying eveyone should, but my commute is fucking boring.

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