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Monday, May 7, 2007

Bike SUV's keep on truckin

More Danish Bikes on the whole cargo-bike tip. (Today seems to be turning into clown bike day despite all my efforts.—Editor)

What do you get when you cross this...

with this?

You get this.

This bicycle build for three is a lightweight kid carrier that attaches to the new trioBike. It is a five-layered, vacuum-formed, material made from coextruded sheets of Luran S and ABS from BASF Corp. This device is conceived and sold by trioBike. Their website indicates this:

trioBike is the worlds first carrierbike, bike and pushchair in one.

A carrierbike is a fantastic invention for transporting the kids in. But once the kids have been delivered in day care/kindergarten and you are working the pedals, it is probably one of the most useless inventions. With the Danish designed trioBike, you can easily take of the front carrier and change the carrierbike into a bike and a pushchair. The trioBike also gives couples the possibility, of one delivering the kids and the other picking them up. With each of you having your own bike, one can put on the carrier, deliver the kids and take it off at the institution. Later on the other can ride to the institution, put on the carrier and ride home with the kids.

Ride On.