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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This from the country that gave us the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Teletubbies?

This here is a long interesting article on the mechanical problems of promoting biking in London, England. While we're most interested in the whole idea of "bike sheds"-- presumably a garage that securely stores bicycles, one of the keys to growth in urban communting -- the author is far more concerned with Londoners' legendary committment to fashion, and their abhorence of uncool-looking bikes (though he does eventually get to the ugly-duckling idea of the "biceberg").

Existing rental bike systems might get those unsure about cycling or wanting a bike occasionally into the saddle and out of their cars, but for fashion conscious Londoners the bikes often look like pre-war relics, at best doused in dubious colour schemes. What could really broaden appeal is a choice of bikes - including some for more discerning cyclists.

What's not to like about pre-war designs with their dubious paint schemes? We had no idea they were so backwards over there. It's time for those folks to get out of the city and see some real fashion.

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