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Friday, May 4, 2007

Speak of the devil

We went to bed last night with pictures of pro cycling television in our head. And this morning, we learned that VERSUS and are collaborating on something called "PacelineTV." It'll be an online video offering that will cover the entire Giro d' Italia, which is pretty nifty as long as they archive every stage.

The joint appears to be heavily sponsored or owned by Lance, just so you know.

The Giro d’Italia will commence on VERSUS Sunday, May 13 as part of the network’s weekly Cyclysm Sundays show, and live streaming of the Monday – Saturday stages can be accessed by visiting

It looks like the Giro coverage will be live, and they'll only archive a 30 minute highlights reel. That, of course, means hours and hours of lost hours at work.

Cost? Ten bucks, or 24 bucks, it's not exactly clear. Either way, dudes are calling that "Couch Change," which may be true, except that there are lots of claims on my couch money, including tonight's cocktails.